JoJoLily Custom Jewelry & Engraving Website Design Home Page and Mobile Side by Side

Project Details:



JoJoLily is a custom jewelry and engraving company based in Rapid City, SD. They create beautiful custom jewelry and perform laser engraving. I worked closely with the master jeweler in creating their logo design which was meant to target numerous demographics of age and interest. I also created the website design for their eCommerce based website.


The jewelry and engraving logo design is meant to represent youth, style, and wisdom. There was a specific focus on the lily petal as it stands to represent the name of the company. The symbol featuring the initials JJL can be used as a standalone piece in various respects and the ligature of J, J, and L can be used independently as well.


I also created the UI/UX design for their eCommerce based website and worked alongside Modern Design Agency as they coded it in WordPress. It features mobile responsive design that makes it functional at any screen size.

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