Wing Chun Kuen Kung Fu Tong Vector Illustration of Training Tool Known as 'Mook Yan Jong' or The Wooden Dummy
Wing Chun Kuen Kung Fu Tong Students Practicing 'Sticky  Hands' Drill Wearing School Uniforms
Wing Chun Kuen Kung Fu Tong Logo in Color

Project Details:



Wing Chun Kuen Kung Fu Tong is a traditional, Ip Man lineage based Wing Chun martial arts school. I was asked to create a unique logo design to be used for the kung fu school’s branding and creating T-Shirts for the school uniform.


The unique value proposition of this company is its authenticity in martial arts when translated from “East to West”. The SiFu has trained with his SiGong who has traveled and trained with masters of Wing Chun in China to bring the art to the United States. The logo design utilizes a Yin and Yang symbol along with traditional Cantonese lettering and English lettering to illustrate both the balance of the art and the respect for its origins and lineage.


Center-line theory is a large part of Wing Chun. Therefore, the front design of the T-Shirt focuses on this principle with a vertical representation of the school name in Cantonese. This way, there is a tangible focus on keeping a centered focus on the opponent. The back of the T-Shirts feature the logo.

Vector Illustration:

One of the primary training tools in Wing Chun is the Mook Yan Jong or Wooden Dummy/Wooden Man. This cylindrical block of wood with three arms and one leg is meant to represent a human opponent and is used daily in practicing fighting forms. I created a vector based illustration for the Wooden Dummy so that it would be clear and sharp when scaled up at any size. This allows for the dummy to be used for any sized applications that would be necessary.

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